Our dedicated team will provide a superior level of service to all the customers.

The replacement requests which are placed by the customers will be processed by our team as soon as possible. There is no additional cost involved if you want to send a personalized message in our exclusive gift package. The superior level of service is provided to the customers by our dedicated team. If you require any assistance about yougears products which are available on our website then you can get in touch with our support team. The assembly kits which are offered to the customers will allow them to experience a world of real-life mechanics. The models which are evolved into the most sophisticated toys can be found only after the assembly is complete.

Feature the real-life motion component:

You can check the way how the mechanical drive is connected if you want to know about the overall gear ratio. The yougears products will last for many years to come as our models are made up of natural wood. There will be no harm to the environment by using our products as they can be recycled. The real-life motion component is featured in each and every set. The amazing world of authentic wooden model kits will allow you to take on your journey with the mechanical models. Many of the models are inspired by real-life mechanics due to their designs. The natural wood materials are with high grade and are made up of 3D wooden puzzles.

New models in the market:

The real motion is produced in order to wind up the rubber band mechanism. If you are ready to be assembled just like a puzzle then all the parts are pre-cut with wooden materials. The official representatives in the united states have introduced many new models in the market. It is easy to understand the instructions which are provided in detail and also accompanied by the wooden model kits. The additional materials or tools are not required as there is a number of parts which are sophisticated and complex. The mechanical modelling fans are suitable for all ages if you are able to understand the instructions.