It’s not only the French you specialize in crepes

            Do you love crepes? If you do you’re going to love this decadent cake. The crepe cake Singapore, a local favourite. It’s made in plenty of bakeries, and you can even make it at home. The flavours are unbearably good even though you won’t find these flavours in normal crepes.

So how is it made?


          It’s made just like any other crepes that are made in France, it the same technique, the only difference is the flavours that are infused in it, and that it is made into a cake. So the batter is exactly the same, except pandan is infused into it, this is what gives it that green colour after all of it has been cooked comes the stacking process. Layers of grated coconut tossed in Gula Melaka and fresh Gula cream are added between the layers. Then all you have to do is cut not and eat it.

Where can you get it?

            If you want this crepe cake  Singapore the best place to get it would be at Sinpopo’s. They even do custom orders, so if you got a birthday coming up then they’ll make it for you. They also do deliveries as well if you can’t make it to the store.

How much is it?

            This cake is SGD$88, and you want to add more layers the price will increase. And if you choose to deliver it will cost you can extra SGD$30. And remember this cake can serve about 9-12 people. And if you make it at home you can cut the costs down in half.