Hypnosis is a soft medicine and a modified state of consciousness used in psychiatry to access the unconscious and circumvent certain disorders and blockages, especially those related to childhood. Hypnosis is real therapy. It is part of alternative and complementary approaches that  hypnotherapy Singapore help relieve mental or physical disorders such as phobias or anxiety, highlighting older traumas.

Conduct of a session

You begin by explaining to the hypnotherapist what is the reason for your visit. Then you will discuss until it plunges you into a state of deep relaxation and letting go, to gently access your unconscious, freely. Throughout the session, he will speak to you to maintain this state, using symbols and metaphors that will lead you to unconsciously find solutions to your problems. The therapist, during these hypnosis sessions, is respectful and cannot force you to do, say or think hypnotherapy Singapore anything that goes against your values ​​and principles.

Teaching: How to train for hypnosis?hypnotherapy Singapore

Hypnosis is not recognized by the state, but more and more universities are offering university degrees in Ericksonian or medical hypnosis, with training in 3 years. Therapists in hypnosis have often made a professional reconversion. However, there are many training courses to become a hypnotherapist, online or remote, who are not enough trainers, Pungao is therefore committed to certifying all its practitioners before you propose them.

The reputation of hypnosis

Hypnosis has long been considered a practice of show and show, especially because of hypnotists known as Messmer. If you want to see a funny show, I recommend it! But please, do not generalize hypnosis to Messmer’s hypnosis ..