How can Dr Ganesh Ramalingam charity help people to get better?

They believe in working for the people who are in desperate need to get some help. It was starting at the time when the founder understood that it is a doctor who remains in a healthy state of bringing the required help to people and nobody can do it better as the knowledge, skills are there in doctors in order to enhance the helping capabilities of a normal human.

It is their mission to bring every kind of possible help to the needy and the best a person can do is sit and listen to someone with all the time and to show that they are there to provide you with the required care. Dr Ganesh Ramalingam with his wife Lisa believes this strongly that if anyone wants to equip people with resources and skills of being independent and self-sufficient it is necessary to bring them all the resources. They both have these inherited values from their family which makes them want to help and provide people with basic needs.

If we are in a situation of helping someone why should we help that person with all that we can in order to give them a life they deserve and can celebrate.

They perform endoscopy and some surgical procedures in the OT. Not just this there is follow up consultations that are available to guide the patients further to bring proper recovery in the shortest possible time span. You will be able to see how passionate are they regarding their work.