Best Jewels and Stones for all Occasions

Putting emphasis on your wardrobe

Women today are very particular about the clothes and accessories they wear. Everything has to match or they would be the laughing stock of society. Some women add emphasis to their wardrobe by wearing matching jewelry pieces. Most women prefer to wear jewelry only during special occasions like ballroom parties, gala events, and other formal occasions. However, most women tend to go beyond that and wear jewelry pieces to mix and match with their daily ensemble, whether it’s a simple blouse and jeans combo or a cocktail dress.

Jewels and stones for everyday wear

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to buy a new piece of jewelry for every wardrobe you have. That is just insane. Some women friends of mine invest in thousand dollars jewelry for an occasion and once they’re done, they never wear it anymore. The truth is, there are some jewelry pieces on the market that you can wear on a daily basis. These jewelry pieces will make you look good even if you’re wearing a tank top or jeans.

What are these jewelry pieces?

Colored gemstones, or birthstones, are popular jewelry pieces that are both affordable and fashionable. These gems come in different colors, combinations, and types; from diamonds, sapphires, rubies to precious opal jewelry.  Take note that some of these gems are hard enough to resist the hazards of daily wear, but there are those that get scratched easily or lose their tint.

What kind of jewelry should you buy?

1.)    Quartz

Quartz comes in different forms like amethysts, rose quartz, and citrine. It measures 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale, which makes it ideal for daily use. The jewelers often use heat treatment or irradiation to give quartz different kinds of colors. Quartz is also inexpensive, so you can easily locate and purchase these babies.

2.)    Topaz

Topaz is a grade higher than Quartz in terms of the Mohs hardness scale. Topaz usually comes in blue and gold colors, although you will still be able to find different colors.  What makes Topaz a good gem is that they’re tempered by jewelers to resist chemical corrosion and to increase their overall durability.

3.)    Ruby or sapphire

Rubies and sapphires have the same chemical composition of Al203, but the difference in their elemental impurities is the reason why they have different colors. A ruby is nothing more than a special sapphire, even though that red is the dominant color of rubies. Rubies and sapphires are both expensive and affordable; the high-quality ones being sold with price tags as high as diamonds.

These gemstones are ideal for daily wear and you can easily purchase them from your local jewelers. You can find them attached to earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets, but you can also ask the jewelers from palm springs jeweler to get a customized piece.